What We Do


There is no life without smart-transactions. Shopping-Verticals in KMK Online bring transactions to the next ‘savvy-fun’ levels. Every stage across the verticals create a sophisticated journey to build their existing and new businesses. Starts with identifying your Small Medium Business communities, defining the business category, identify specific seller groups and finally get noticed by being curated in one our of leading lifestyle-shopping websites.

Life made easy, users can simply create their own business, gather with similar-smart audience of communities and finally be curated by the best sites in Indonesia.

BukalapakBukalapak cropped

Initiated in 2010, Bukalapak as an online marketplace was only a division of a digital agency based in Jakarta. On February 4th, 2015 Emtek announced its B series investment with objectives including its capacity increase and marketing strategy revamping. The other main objective is also to encourage more SMEs in Indonesia to sell their products online.

HijUpHijup cropped

As Indonesian Muslim fashion ecommerce site, HijUp claims to have gradually championed Indonesia’s Muslim fashion market since its 2011 inception. With Emtek’s share HijUp expects to further strengthen its position in Southeast Asia’s Muslim ecommerce space and will also go toward building out infrastructure and human resources to support a larger customer base.

BoboboboBobobobo cropped

Offers unique, luxury experience packages as well as some luxury items. With Emtek’s share, Bobobobo will be able to use a large media network to spread awareness, with focus still on the niche: young, urban Indonesian.