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Development & Services

The first step to be online is to create The Online-house ecosystem, which consists of websites and portals, digital marketing operations, social media interactions and to make it a sustainable business, in house monetization. KMK Online Service Companies are formed to serve user’s businesses with its comprehensive online readiness, to deliver best in class website planning and development, with sustainable programs, digital marketing and social management campaigns, with profitable monetization capabilities.

Life made easy by having your online-website house, with sustainable traffic, valuable engagement and healthy profit.

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The Digital Performance Agency which focus in areas of multi channels digital marketing promotions (desktop, tablet and mobile), content marketing and traffic monetization.

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The Creative Digital Lab, with well rounded web & apps development experiences. Building the sustainable interaction and engagements thru digital strategy, technology, design and contents, and social media traffic managements. We call ourselves, "When technology and creativity fused into digital chemistry".