What We Do


KMK Online Media is the result of the merger between publishing and video streaming platforms to update the nation with relevant, neutral and trustworthy information in the form of articles, photos and videos. It’s a variety of basic yet comprehensive verticals, one-stop-solution in the areas of news, lifestyle & entertainment, sports, video on demand and TV streaming. Daily content served with just-in-time technology, which allow users to get the most reliable, neutral and ready-to-share contents from the editorial desks and-or user generated content.

Life made easy by getting and accessing the information that the users need.


Leading news publisher platform with trustworthy, neutral, accurate and contextually relevant contents. Comprehensively equipped with articles, video and citizen journalism talents across Indonesia.


Accessible since March 18th, 2015. When entertainment and lifestyle collaborate in one platform. It's the place where Indonesian can simply be updated; Celebrities, trends, style and awesomely curated photography which meets journalism pleasure.


Launched since April 20th, 2015. Sport enthusiast sanctuary house. The place where Indonesian soccer fans feel at home, yet updated relevant sports-news, matches, games, videos and athletes relevant trends also available firsthand. It's when sport journalism passion of the games be shown and written.


Video sharing social media platform. Enables users to upload, stream, and share videos. It offers diverse contents of User Generated, movie clip, TV clip, and music besides catch up Free-to-Air Televisions.