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Classified & Directories

To give relevant and reliable what-to-consume information in every stages of user’s life is the most important part of KMK Online classified verticals. It brings users to the next level of online path-to-purchase interaction between the user and the products. It provides users with all of the options and choices for them to be informed, to consider, engage and eventually do the pre-offline interaction. The classified contents focus are in the areas of Jobs, Wedding and Property.

Life made easy by being able to support users in finding information, made them smartly considering and finally decide the most important purchase-plan of their life.


PropertyGuru owns Rumah.com and Rumahdijual.com. The house of your property demands.


BrideStory is the home of wedding merchant profiles and portfolios. Users may search bridal, jewelry, photography and relevant bride-related contents – by location or price.


For Career Management and Jobs in Indonesia, established since 1999.


The site that brings Auto needs to Life


Home Tester Club (HTC) is a Consumer Engagement Platform (CEP) where interest driven community of consumers rate & review grocery products. With its mission to know what’s new in the market then review the new products, HTC expects to be able to benefit for brands on new product launch, switching & trials induction, WoM creation, product recommendation and sales drive.