Public Announcements - March 17, 2016 Launched New Logo and Monetization Scheme for Content Partner

Jakarta, June 1, 2016 - Right at the beginning of June 2016, Vidio launched a new logo. Along with the launch of the new logo, the video site that was created on October 2014 also introduce a scheme of new business models for content creators who have cooperated with Vidio.

The new Vidio has the expressive and fun concept. We can see it from the type of letters used which are quite similar with the handwriting. It is very simple; it uses one color only, red. Red symbolizes the passion and creativity, as well as energetic and creative.

"With the new logo, we hope Vidio will be known by the public as a brand that is fun, creative and energetic. We are hoping, with the new logo, it will create new business opportunities and new market in the future", said Prami Rachmiadi, as CMO KMK Online.

Vidio evolves to provide the best to the people of Indonesia. Until now, Vidio has more than 250,000 video contents and 30 millions video plays each month. To increase the number of existing video content, Vidio often cooperated with several content partners in Indonesia. Vidio also provides revenue sharing to the content partner, with a commission from the ads served on the video content partner.

Currently, Vidio already has a dashboard that makes the content partners to be able to see the commission from the ads they get easier. "We have prepared a new scheme of business models for content partners who have joined us, which is Rp 25,000 / CPM * ad plays. This single price T&C is to facilitate the administration and also provide better returns for the content partners. Another convenience is the content partners are able to see the commission directly in real time on the dashboard that we have provided," said Prami.

Dashboard can only be access by the content maker that has been verified to become a partner. "In this dashboard, content partners can see the performance; the number of plays, the number of ad plays, the number of watch duration, as well as the engagement; like, comment, followers. With the dashboard, Vidio will be more transparent and speed up the process of information regarding the performance of each video, so that the content partner will improve the quality and relevance of the video matches with the Vidio audience. In addition, Vidio has also been supported by Android and iOS mobile apps to the latest version. It will be easier for the audience to enjoy various impressions video", explains Hadikusuma Wahab, as Vice President of Product Development KMK Online.

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